And Fit For Fun!
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HOW EZ ???

EZ Enough to Be Endorsed by DAVID PALMER ( World No 5)

            Used by Leading Professionals 
                         JAMIE CROMBIE ..Fmr U.S and Canadian Team Member
MARK TALBOTT....U.S Squash Legend
               DOMINIC HUGHES... Current U.S O/45 Champion
   ANDRE MAUR...Fmr U.S O/40 Champion

Plus The Squashbuster Program To Help  introduce the sport to a brand new range of players.  ( Thanks and once again I think they are a great product... Doug Lifford, Director of Squash)
Read the Product review in the December 2009 Issue of Squash Magazine.

Also Try a Game of
All Too EZ With The EZ Squash Ball

                                                      The EZ Squash Ball Beginning.

     Over 20 year's ago I realised there was a need for an easier more player friendly Ball for the introductory level of Squash Player.
      Being a true procrastinator it took me that long to get around to doing something about it. Nine month's ago I began the search to find a suitable ball and after endless hour's of testing and seaching I finally found the EZSquash Ball that can be used by every player. Obviously geared toward the lower level player,the EZ Ball is versatile enough for me to practise all my shots and play high level players with, and truly have a lot of laughs with. Players and parents in over 15 States are now using the EZ Squash Ball. It's Growing !!

Leading pros such as Stefan Castelyn

and Jamie Crombie think it is the EZ Squash way to introduce the sport

What Can You Say

Sometimes you hear negative things in Life. However when it comes down to it and you see smiles, laughter and especially kids having fun, you know you are on the right track.

 A  Fantastic Training Ball
    As I mentioned I practise with the EZ Squash Ball and can do all the solo routines that I can do with the regular squash ball.
   The big difference is the EZ Squash Ball comes off the front wall a little faster giving my reflexes added intensity and as the ball sits up I end up going for more balls therefore improving my fitness. It is really quite a workout I will tell you.
    However the beauty of the EZ ball is that novice players can practice solo or with another player. The EZ Squash ball doesn't need warming up. The bounce is always there..You can improve your skills to progress your game.
    Another variation of the training nature of the EZ Ball is with one of my 8 year old junior students. 
     She is getting more consistent with the normal squash ball but could not have a realistic game at this stage of her development. I split the lesson into 2 parts. Routines with the normal squash ball and a game with the EZ Squash ball. Seeing she can get into a rally with the EZ Squash Ball she is now able to develop a strategy. She can look to volley, try to move me, deep to short, short to deep. Her mental game is already starting to improve. This has to help her progress to the normal squash ball tenfold as she will already have a game plan and be one step ahead of her oppone

Serve up an EZ Squash Ball to Stay in Shape

As we know Forbes magazine rates squash the Number 1 sport for calories burned and cardio. With the EZ Squash Ball you will always have a great way to keep a smile on your face and have some fun and stay fit at the same time.

The True Test

The EZ Squash Ball is the fun ball for all players wanting to start the great game of squash. No matter what skill level they are the EZ Ball gives them a higher, longer bounce therefore making it much EZer to connect with the ball.
       Here is a perfect example.
       I had a young boy wanting to try squash. He was 9 years old and maybe had played a little tennis. I brought out a normal squash ball, which he tried to hit and couldn't. I then said let's try an EZ Ball. Within 5 minutes he was hitting the ball regularly. Within 10 minutes he was controlling it and within 15 minutes we were having a game !!!
       That is just one of the many examples I have had using the EZ Ball

                                                                        Here is  Another One

         Yesterday I gave a lady beginner her first lesson. Once again I first tried the normal squash ball. It took a while but she started hitting the ball relatively consistently. However for her to get to the next level she would have to be able to improve her technique through practice.
         Now here is where the EZSquash Ball comes into it's own. There is no way that she would be able to even get a normal squash ball warmed up let alone hit 10 or 15 shot's in a sequence. Give her the EZ Ball with the EZ bounce, no warmup, and within a few minutes she is making progress.
         I am adding her to the list of  Happy EZSquashers who are playing the game for fun, the laughs and to get a good workout. That's what the EZ Squash Ball is all about.
        Try it I am sure you too will Have a Ball

    What It Is All About

     A proud father with a future champion or at least a happy squash player who he will be able to have countless hours of fun with. Again the EZ Squash ball serves the purpose. Watch out Karl after watching your son's forehand by the time he is 10 YOU will be in big trouble !!!

Get Ready,  Emily From Conneticut is Warming Up.  Yes it is going to be a Great Serve !

A Ball For All Ages.

Yes as you can see from the photo's the EZ Squash Ball is being enjoyed by players of all ages.  For these well experienced players the ball serves as a not only a fun game but a fitness tool as well. The higher bounce makes for longer rallies improving their stamina as well as their longevity.

EZ Squash Down Under

June 23, 2009. Yes no matter which hemisphere you are in it doesn't take long for the word to spread especially when I am the one spreading the word. Winter in Australia at the moment which means for these kids, cold courts, and normally a dead squash ball.
The solution. The EZSquash Ball. As you can see once they tried the EZ ball they are having a Ball. Below is Berkeley Vale Public School, N.S.W Australia. The latest group to join the fun of playing some EZ Squash

Here is an EZ Squash Routine to start developing your Ball Control. Good Luck !

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